Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Vertical Clearance Heights of Sydney Harbour Bridge

One of the posts in the Cruise Critic Roll Call conversation for this Oosterdam Cruise focused on the Sydney Harbour Bridge clearances. The headway limitation was cited as the basis for either/or the selection of the White Bay Cruise Terminal over the Overseas Passenger Terminal and also the departure time (tide related).

The dimensioned diagram below was posted to provide some interesting detail that might be of interest to our Cruise Critic companions in the lead up to this adventure.

The headway details are given in metres above chart datum which is Indian Spring Low Water (ISLW)
(ISLW is approximately zero at Fort Denison tide gauge)

Sydney Harbour Bridge is a single span arch bridge. The length of span clear of arch ring is 290 metres. The vertical clearance at the centre is 53.4 metres.